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Just got back from the Wasteland

In-Depth Completion Video

Here’s a video about the process and outcome of my project. Also if you hear bad music in the beginning, sit tight, trying to remove it as we speak. New to this youtube editing thing.

Socials Poem

Image of a blackout poem from socials class, also adding a description to make the dashboard more filled out so I am just trying to fill in as much space by saying as little as humanly possible right now. Thanks… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Post #6

This weekend has been very productive, I have almost completed my test sword and my forge is complete. All I need now is some charcoal and I am ready to forge. The sword I have “completed” was a test aluminium… Continue Reading →

Independent Chemistry 11 Project

For my independent research project, I chose to look into the chemistry behind the creation, and application of paint. This covers many forms of paint such as interior, exterior, and many more sub-categories such as latex, hybrid, vapour block, and… Continue Reading →

In depth Blog post #5

  This week was very productive on the aspect of the project of this assignment, but again unsuccessful on the mentorship side of things. Starting with the actual project, I recently finished building the forge. I used refractory bricks as… Continue Reading →

Radical Jacks’ Wild Adventure

John George Lambton, born on April the 12th, 1792, was the son of William Henry Lambton, a British MP who represented the county of Durham. Durham first entered politics when being elected to follow his father’s path as the representative… Continue Reading →

In depth Blog post #4

This week I have been focussing more on the mentorship side of the project due to it being fairly late into this project and I still did not have a mentor. What I have done so far was attempt to… Continue Reading →

Socials Précis

The Story of Labrador by Bill Rompkey Link to McGill-Queen’s University Press Book Page Amazon Book Review   Bill Rompkey shows great insight into this topic by going into greatly specific details. You can tell that he is personally very invested into… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #3

Since last week I have made progress mostly in the aspect of creating the forge. I have gathered thick, steel pipe, a galvanised steel end cap, and an air pump, all I need now is either to make a new… Continue Reading →

Cultural Genocide in Canada in comparison the the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany

       In 1994 Raphael Lemkin established the term and criteria of cultural genocide which is a branch off of standard genocide. The criteria that differs it from regular genocide is that rather than removing the beliefs and culture… Continue Reading →

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